Innovation in Contraband Scanning

OD Security North America, a Woman-Owned Small Business, was establish in 2012 to develop a U.S. model of the SOTER RS Full Body Security Scanning System focused on the U.S. Corrections market. Our offices are headquartered in College Station, Texas.

OD Security North America, a Woman Owned Small Business, was established in late 2012 to design and develop a US model of the SOTER RS Full Body Security Scanning System.

Throughout 2013 we aligned our Supply Chain to endeavor to source US products and migrated our manufacturing and component assembly processes to the US to allow us to deliver the only System made in the US.

Our product expertise is anchored, and our continual R&D, supported by our strategic relationship with OD Security BV, Netherlands. OD Security BV, Netherlands is the world’s leading manufacturer of Full Body Security Scanning Systems, with Systems installed in over 32 Countries internationally. OD Group Netherlands has been designing, manufacturing and installing Medical X-Ray Systems for over 50 years, entering the Security market in 2006.

Our first two US designed and manufactured Systems were installed into Facilities for Georgia Department of Corrections in early 2014. Since then we have expanded our install base, as at the beginning of 2016, into 13 States.

Since producing our first System we have committed to offering the most innovative, safest to operate and best value System in the market, and have been consistent in our pricing to all our Clients. We continue to innovate and to develop new functions for our Clients.