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It appears that the Pulaski County Detention Center will be getting a full-body scanner after all.

During Tuesday’s meeting of Pulaski County Fiscal Court, PCDC Major Ron Swartz — representing Jailer David Moss who could not attend due to illness — presented a single bid to be opened by County Attorney Martin Hatfield.

The bid was submitted by Texas-based OD Security North America at $118,750 — significantly lower than the near-$200,000 estimate Moss presented to the court this spring.

That estimate was too high for county officials at the time, as was an option to lease at $40,000 per year. Instead Moss got state approval to purchase the equipment using Commissary Fund revenues generated from inmate sales as opposed to tax monies.

The bid opening, therefore, required no action from the fiscal court but fulfilled the requirement that it be made public.

The scanner became an issue as PCDC officials attempted to cut off various forms of contraband coming into the jail — suspending then ultimately reorganizing the work-release program upon which several public agencies rely for inmate labor.

Having a scanner, Moss told the Commonwealth Journal in April, would allow jail officials to screen everyone (inmates, staff and visitors) entering the secure section of the detention center. Individuals remain fully dressed and can be screened in about eight seconds.